Congratulations to all of the children in year 2 who graduated from Key Stage One. 

You have all worked so hard this year, have had lots of fun and learned so much. We are all very proud of you and wish you every success in year three. 



As Busy As Ants

Our new literacy unit is about poetry. So far we have learned about some famous poets, looked at the language in our model text and now we have starting looking at similes.

A simile is when you make a direct comparison with something. In groups we did some rainbow writing and compared pirate nouns, ready to use for when we write our own poem. One expert in each group chose the best simile from another group and had to explain the ‘story’ the simile represents. 

2CR why not write an acrostic poem of your name using similes?


Cracking Codes

Captain Blackbeard sent 2CR a very special message but he disguised it using a secret code! He replaced the letters with numbers. We worked together to try and crack the code and eventually found his secret message- he told us there were gold coins hidden in the playground! We now understand that numbers can be represented in different ways. 


How do boats float? 

In science we have been thinking about how boats float. Today we carried out an investigation and tested which 3d shapes float and which ones sink. In our cooperative threes we made 3d shapes with plastercine, made predictions about whether they would float or sink and then tested out our predictions. 2CR what conclusion did we come to? Can you test this out at home using another material? 


Making Pirate Grog

Captain Blackbeard asked 2CR to make him some pirate grog. He sent us a recipe to follow to make his favourite drink! We had to measure different amounts of liquid and read the scales to make sure the grog was accurate. Our measuring jugs required us to also work out what each scale meant, using the different maths skill of finding rules.


Puzzling Pirate Problems

In maths we have been learning to estimate, compare and measure length and height. We have had lots of challenges about length and height throughout the week and they all seemed to get tricker. On Friday we had to solve a problem about some stolen pirate gold and how heigh the tower of gold could be. We worked in pairs, and with lots of perseverance, we were able to solve the problem. Miss Rai was really proud of us! 


Sports Day 2016

On Thursday afternoon it was our turn for sports day, we were all very excited but a little bit nervous about the weather too. Luckily, it didn’t rain at all! We were put into teams and tried to win as many points for our team as possible whilst our families cheered us in. What a great day!


Pirate Timelines

In our history lesson today we worked together to research famous pirates. We used a variety of secondary resources to find information about the pirates and then ordered the pirates on a time line, by looking at at the year they were born. 


Happy Birthday Your Majesty

We celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday by holding a very British tea party. During the morning we prepared scones, cucumber sandwiches and made bunting, flags and crowns. In the afternoon we had a tea party with all of Key Stage One and our delicious British food. We even had some warm tea!